Voxel Dental AAO Booth Instructions


Assembly instructions:

Long Truss on 8' Pallet, Bases and 3' truss on regular 40x48 pallet, Cotter pins, connectors and insert pins are in a bin on the bin pallet which is a plastic gaylord with covered top. Another Pallet bin holds all the TV's and a long pallet with 4x8 frames are the voxel booth. Also needed for LED Wall assembly are the rolling road cases.

The ATM (Large Machine) needs to be in place prior to starting assembly.

Please do not begin overhead truss assembly until Voxel staff has arrived. We can unload the pallets and stage the vertical posts as specified below

Start by Assembling the 6 Vertical posts by putting the short truss lengths on the bases and a non-cornered 8' truss on top of that. We should then have (6) vertical posts.


Each corner is already installed at the end of a 8' truss for upper corners.

Then using a scissor lift and either forklift or manlift attach the corner trusses from front to back. There are markings on each corner with gaff tape which designates its location(IE FL=Front left, MR=Middle Right, BL=Back left)

After Truss is assembled we can assemble the main Voxel Booth.

It is on another 8' pallet and is assembled using the included Allen wrench set.

The over head banner can be assembled and attached to the center truss strut with 4 swivel Cheeseboros(sign will not be hung from ceiling)

6 power lines can the be put at base each vertical truss posts

Air line to be run to the Voxel Dental Booth to be connected to ATM 

Now we can attached the included LED puck lights, to the top of the truss and run vertical power. 25' stingers are included and LED lights have c-clamp and safeties. Then we can mount 4 additional LED puck lights to point at the VOXEL Overhead from the interior in each direction.

Lastly we have a total of 10 TV's to be mounted. (8) will be attached to the truss and (2) to the Voxel Booth. Included are also 10 truss shelves to be installed if time permits.

After the truss is hung, overhead installed and lights mounted to top of structure(with power run down) Voxel s contractors will then use the aerials lifts that were used in truss assembly to install the Video wall on the front of the structure. If all this included above is accomplished and we have extra time we can begin wire hiding and placing tables and connecting IO's for TV's and prep for warehouse return of pallets for holding for the duration of the show.


Voxel Contact - Jonathan Simmons 2254077402 or email at Jonathan@voxeldental.com


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