SprintRay OnX Tough


NEW SprintRay OnX Tough

OnX Tough is a next generation hybrid-ceramic resin from SprintRay designed for the fabrication of dental prosthetics. OnX Tough is the first 3D-printed dental material manufactured using proprietary NanoFusion™. This technology unlocks unparalleled durability and a smooth surface finish that mimics natural enamel with optimal translucency. OnX Tough is easy to process and characterize, enabling a highly efficient in-office workflow.

        OnX Tough

        Ceramic Strength. Natural Aesthetics.

        SprintRay OnX Tough is specifically designed with feedback from the dental community. This ceramic-filled, class II material offers unparalleled durability and a smooth, translucent finish that mimics natural enamel.

        OnX Tough is incredibly easy to process and work with. Easy-tear supports separate with the flick of a wrist and an improved formulation allow it to be cleaned with Pro Wash. OnX Tough requires no sandblasting and is easy to characterize, enabling an even more efficient workflow.

        Key Benefits

        • Superior mechanical properties as demanded by clinicians
        • The simplest 3D printing workflow for denture teeth
        • Remarkable Toughness - 5X tougher than predecessor technology
        • Superior Aesthetics - A smooth surface finish and optimal translucency that mimics natural enamel
        • Optimal Workflow - easy to post-process and characterize 
        • Washable
        • Simple tear supports
        • Designed for fast printing on Pro S using Bolt Speed in as little as 40 minutes

        What is NanoFusion?

        • SprintRay’s proprietary manufacturing process pushes the boundaries of material science technology. Materials with NanoFusion have best-in-class fracture toughness thanks to a unique composition of form dense polymer chains. With no extra mixing (or rolling) required, it delivers unprecedented strength and lab-quality aesthetics.

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