Bring your dental practice into the 21st century with a 3D printer from SprintRay, available now from Voxel Dental. The printers manufactured by SprintRay operate seamlessly with SprintRay 3D design software, SprintRay curing machinesSprintRay 3D printing resin, and the rest of their product lineup—making your practice more streamlined than ever before!

Benefits of SprintRay 3D Printers

  • Perfect for jobs with razor-thin margins: The SprintRay line offers industry-leading accuracy to crowns, dentures, and more with a 55-micron XY pixel size and Pixel Toning.
  • Integration into your workflow: SprintRay's machines make it easy to 3D print on site, in your office. Their suite of intelligent sensors, on-board computers, and smart tracking features let you plug them into your workflow, whatever that may be.
  • Industry-leading: The SprintRay Pro 55 features industry-leading accuracy, throughput, and versatility of uses. See for yourself by scheduling a demo of our inventory!
  • Affordable: Our SprintRay 3D printers cost less than you might expect, especially given their all-in-one capability! We're committed to helping our clients make the most out of their 3D-printing workflow, which is why we price our SprintRay printers competitively.
  • User friendly: SprintRay designs their equipment exclusively for dental professionals, so you can trust their machines will follow your expectations. At Voxel Dental, we also offer training on all our products so you can be sure your team gets the most out of your new SprintRay 3D Printer!

SprintRay 3D Printers for Sale

Upgrade your dental practice with a SprintRay 3D printer, priced competitively from Voxel Dental! We've been providing 3D printing, software, and digital workflow solutions to dentists and dental specialists for years, and we only sell the best products to our clients. Have any questions about these SprintRay printers or any of our other products? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist!