RAYFace Facial Scanner

RAYFace is one of the fastest and most user-friendly facial scanners for dentistry and specialized practices.

RAYFace imposes a scan of your patient's face, a dental avatar, to provide a 3D representation of their face by aligning inter-oral scans and CT data, forming a 3D virtual patient for AI analysis and smile design.

Revolutionize your practice with virtual patient technology and modern design, providing patients with a highly personalized and innovative experience.

Why RAYFace?

RAYFace is more than just a 3D facial scanner, it provides a full, facially driven treatment solution. With a quick 0.5 second scan, you can create a full 3D digital patient with your patient's face superimposed over intraoral and CT scans for a full visualization. With simple and intuitive controls, RAYFace helps streamline your workflow from scan, design, make to consult.

Fast, One-Shot Scanning

In only 0.5 seconds, in one-shot, you get a natural smile in 3D. With this quick capture, your patient gets an immediate visual, with complete facial contours and dentition.

Auto Alignment

Create a dental avatar in only two clicks! With RAYFace's auto data matching technology, you can superimpose your patient's intraoral scan, 3D facial scan and a CT scan into a 3D digital avatar of your patient.

Open Architecture

RAYFace facial scans make things easy to integrate with 3rd party CAD and 3D viewers. This frees up your ability to use RAYFace with your existing systems.

Improved Communication, Increased Case Acceptance

RAYFace scans delivers unparalleled visualization to patient consultations, providing realistic before-and-after images that facilitate better communication and patient understanding.