Laser Aligner Cutter (LAC)


Say goodbye to aligner post-processing.

The Laser Aligner Cutter (LAC) helps you produce clear aligners that do not require additional post-processing after cutting, saving you time and resources.

The LAC is designed to be easy-to-use and operate, as the integrated control system takes care of all the tasks for you - producing high-quality results every time. 

Why choose the Laser aligner cutter (LAC)?

With the LAC, you can fully automate the cutting of thermoformed clear aligners - all in under a minute!

Superior Manufacturing for High Quality Results

Trust Austrian manufacturing to produce an excellent cutting and edge quality with no post-processing such as polishing necessary.

The LAC works with any model and is compatible with all major thermoforming systems.

Digital Interface

The LAC uses a digital interface to the world’s best suppliers such as 3Shapes, SCHEU/CA-Digital and Dental Axess

See the LAC in Action

“All you have to do is remove the finished aligner - every minute.”