PreXion3D Evolve CBCT

By PreXion

The PreXion3D Evolve CBCT is the latest from this trusted digital X-ray manufacturing brand. The Evolve features leading technology and innovative algorithms, and is available as a medium FOV CBCT, including 2D panoramic and optional ceph attachment.

This model is prepared for high flow demands and provides a complete solution in a single product. Available in 3D or upgradable 2D, this technology is intelligent, precise and has a performance that will impress the most demanding professionals.

Why Choose the PreXion3D Evolve CBCT?

The user-friendliness and image quality of PreXion3D Evolve set it apart from its competition. This model also features:
- Enhanced filters to help you adjust images to suit your requirements.
- Multislice capability to allow easy navigation through 41 panoramic slices, enabling precise visualization of desired structures.
- Reconstruction algorithms ensure exceptional sharpness and contrast in every scan.

Variety of FOV Options

With scalable FOV options from the small 5x5cm to complete mandible 9x9cm, this small-to-mid FOV dental cone beam is an ideal option for implants, full arch restorations, orthodontics, TMJ, endodontics, periodontics and more.

3-in-1 CBCT, PAN & CEPH

When purchased with scanning ceph attachment, the PreXion3D Evolve is an impressive 3-in-1 scanning technology for dental professionals and specialists.

It’s specialized ceph sensor, creates high quality images of hard and soft tissue with equal excellence. Collimation mechanisms and rapid scanning techniques minimize X-ray exposure.

Dedicated 2D Panoramic

All PreXion3D Evolve models come standard with a dedicated 2D panoramic function.

Their innovative 2D algorithm, the PreXion Evolve Smart Contrast, works in all parts of the image, to treat and improve the contrast of each area individually. This results in a homogenous and noise-free image - allowing clear visualization of details, and better diagnosis.

3D Algorithms

The PreXion3D Evolve CBCT helps enhance your work-flow efficiency and diagnostic accuracy with specialized 3D algorithms.

UHD Mode for Endodontics:
PreXion Evolve has a resolutions with Isotropic Voxel of 75μm to 400μm.

Patient Motion Correction (PMC):
This algorithm automatically corrects the image imperfections caused by patient micro-movements.

Metal Artefact Reduction (MAR):
This line features three processing levels that can be chosen to correct gutta-percha deformities in addition to automatic metal reduction.