Alliedstar AS 260 Intraoral Scanner - Laptop Included!


Brand new design with modern look

Experience the future of scanning with our latest innovation, the AS 260. Building upon the solid foundation of the AS 100 model, this cutting-edge device showcases a more contemporary design that seamlessly combines style and functionality. Inspired by our new brand identity as seen in the AS 200E, the AS 260 features a fresh color scheme that exudes a clean, tech-forward, and professional appearance, while providing a comfortable grip. Weighing under 180 grams, it surpasses the featherlight AS 100, demonstrating the exceptional craftsmanship of our engineers.

Improved Image Quality with Enhanced Depth of Field

With the AS 260, we have revolutionized scanning technology. Our new optical design increases the volume of light and reduces the aperture size, resulting in a remarkable improvement in depth of field. Compared to our previous generation products, the AS 260 boasts an 18mm depth of field, providing greater flexibility during scanning and delivering superior image quality. Witness the finest details come to life with unprecedented clarity.

Convenient Detachable USB Cable

We understand the importance of seamless usability, which is why we have enhanced the AS 260 with a convenient feature: a detachable USB cable. Power your device with a single cable that can now be easily detached from the handle. Say goodbye to worries about worn-out cables. Simply replace the exhausted cable, and your AS 260 will remain operational and dependable, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Caries Detection

Stay ahead of the curve with our forthcoming special model of the AS 260, featuring innovative infrared technology for caries detection. This exciting advancement expands the capabilities of our product, opening doors to new applications and providing even greater value to our esteemed customers. Stay tuned for updates on the release of this cutting-edge model, as we continue to redefine the boundaries of scanning technology.

Experience the AS 260 and discover the perfect blend of modern design, advanced imaging capabilities, and convenient features. Elevate your scanning experience today.

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