PreXion2D Evolve (with Scanning Ceph)

By PreXion

The PreXion2D Evolve is the latest from this trusted digital X-ray manufacturing brand. The Evolve features leading technology and innovative 2D algorithms, and is available upgradable 2D (can be later upgraded to 3D by the manufacturer) as well as with or without scanning ceph attachment.

This model is prepared for high flow demands and provides a complete solution in a single product. The 2D technology is intelligent, precise and has a performance that will impress the most demanding professionals.


The user-friendliness and image quality of PreXion2D Evolve set it apart from its competition. The Evolve is available as a 2D pan/ceph only, but can later be upgraded to 3D CBCT or include a scanning ceph attachment.

This model also features:
- Enhanced filters to help you adjust images to suit your requirements.
- Multislice capability to allow easy navigation through 41 panoramic slices, enabling precise visualization of desired structures.
- Reconstruction algorithms ensure exceptional sharpness and contrast in every scan.

Variety of 2D Scanning Options

Get the clinical images you need, with an easy-to-use system and stunning image quality. The PreXion2D Evolve captures 2D panoramic: bitewing, TMJ, maxillary sinus and more & 2D cephalometric: lateral, AP/PA, fast ceph, oblique and more.

Fast Scanning Mode

Adding the Ceph arm boosts the Prexion Evolve’s diagnostic potential for cephalometric exams.
It’s specialized Ceph sensor, creates high quality images of hard and soft tissue with equal excellence. Collimation mechanisms and rapid scanning techniques minimize X-ray exposure.

Scan time
Standard Mode: 4.1 - 16.5s
Fast Mode: 2.5 - 10s

Panoramic Filters

Prexion Evolve machines have optimization filters (brightness, contrast and layer thickness), which allow you to adapt the images to your preferred style in order to serve your market with the best images.

Intelligent 2D Algorithms

Innovative 2D algorithms help improve the image quality. The PreXion Evolve Smart Contrast improves the contrast of each area individually for a homogenous and noise-free image.

The PreXion Evolve software features a final image with greater detail and definition, for an optimized panoramic image.