SprintRay Retainer - 500 g


Accepting Orders Late Summer 2024

Developed in the SprintRay BioMaterial Innovation Lab, SprintRay Retainer resin enables dentists and orthodontists to 3D print crystal-clear retainers, bypassing traditional model and thermoforming stages, and providing patients with same-day retainer trays. When delivering retainers, fabrication speed, and micron-level accuracy are crucial for the patient experience. SprintRay Retainer resin delivers on both fronts while also delivering significant labor and cost savings compared to in-house thermoforming and lab fabrication.

SprintRay resin is part of a fully integrated SprintRay digital workflow including AI retainer design, this innovation empowers dental professionals to seamlessly fabricate 3D printed retainers end-to-end in under 60 minutes total.