DEXIS IXS digital intraoral X-ray sensors are built tough for long-lasting, reliable performance. Easily produce diagnostic quality dental images with improved contrast, less noise, and greater dose flexibility.

DEXIS IXS surpasses low-cost sensors in image clarity, sharpness, and detail—often at lower exposure settings. Delivering crisp, clear images, DEXIS IXS helps you to provide confident, accurate diagnoses to your patients


Easy-to-Use, Advanced Sensor Technology

Packed with intuitive SimplySmart innovations, DEXIS IXS makes reliable, durable sensor technology readily available and easy to use.

Built-in Compatibility

DEXIS IXS works seamlessly with the most popular
image acquisition and practice management
software. No need to purchase or learn new imaging

DEXIS IXS is compatible with DTX Studio™ Clinic. Connecting treatments from beginning to end, DTX Clinic suite is the single software interface for all your digital dental needs.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Each internal component is strategically engineered and layered to protect the device from damage. The sensor housing is built with a thermoplastic resin material. Featuring a unique dome surface design which protects the internal components of the sensor, IXS is engineered to be your reliable, imaging acquisition workhorse.

Impact-Resistant Housing

The rugged, resilient housing features a thermoplastic resin coating, which makes DEXIS IXS more resistant to cracks and breakage. Featuring a proprietary dome surface design, DEXIS IXS sensors are engineered and proven to withstand significant stress or pressure.

Lightweight & Comfortable

The anatomical design of DEXIS IXS features smooth, generously rounded corners and edges.

The portable USB design eliminates the need for external components on the cable, reducing weight and patient jaw fatigue.