vhf E5 - Practice Lab & Laboratory Milling

By vhf

5-Axis Dry Milling at the Highest Level for the Practice Lab & Laboratory

Introducing the new E-Series from German-manufacturer VHF. The E stands for ease-of-use, which is at the heart of every mill they've designed.

The surprisingly lightweight and compact VHF E5 was designed for the practice lab and the laboratory. The E5 not only allows you to mill discs; you can also use the appropriate holder to process up to 6 blocks of different sizes with minimal effort.

It's innovative working chamber allows plenty of space in which to clamp the workpieces and load the automatic tool changer... all without the use of compressed air. Meaning you can start milling nearly anywhere in your facility!


The E5 requires no compressed air; therefore, you have maximum freedom in the choice of the installation site, and
you also benefit from minimal operating costs.
The open system architecture of the E5 makes your entry into the digital production of dental restorations quick and easy, and it fits perfectly into your workflows. The integrated CAM software enables you to get started right away!
Plug & Mill: Unpack, connect, start milling!


Developed and manufactured entirely in Germany, the E4
guarantees impressive manufacturing results and optimum
The E5 not only allows you to mill discs; you can also use the appropriate holder to process up to 6 blocks of different sizes with minimal effort.
The automatic tool changer can accommodate 16 standard tools and an AIRTOOL.


The E5 works with a wide variety of materials, manufacturers and indications. Including: zirconia, composites, PMMA & Wax and CoCr sintering metals.