RAYScan PreMiere CBCT

By Rayscan

RAYScan PreMiere CBCT is the revolutionary latest offering from renowned digital X-ray manufacturer, RAY. 

Experience exceptional image clarity and customizable scan volumes with RAYScan PreMiere. Tailor your scans to meet your specific clinical needs with free FOV selections up to 18x16cm (LFOV). This gives you up to a true size 18x16 FOV with distortion-free images in one quick scan.


Why RAYPreMiere?

With the latest from RAY, RAYScan PreMiere CBCT can obtain undistorted images for precise diagnosis and accurate treatment planning with a single scan from under the chin to the glabella point.

With its quick shooting time, this system reduces radiation exposure while providing high-resolution Large FOV imaging data.

Free-FOV Treatment Provides Diverse Treatment Possibilities

RAYScan PreMiere dental CBCT systems provide Free FOV options up to 18x16cm (LFOV), meaning you have customizable scan volumes and high-resolution images.

Free FOV helps tailor the scan volume to each patient, ensuring the acquisition of clear and diagnostic images. This precision allows for accurate diagnoses and targeted treatment planning, used for a variety of clinical applications:

• Orthodontics
• Complex treatment planning
• Orthognathic surgery
• Facial reconstruction
• Traumas
• Sinus and airway analyses
• Implantology
• Endodontics
• Dual TMJ
• Complex impactions

3D Impression Scanning

RAYScan PreMiere employs cutting-edge 3D scanning technology for its impression scanning feature, which captures data by imaging physical impressions and gypsum models. This gathered data can then be utilized to generate the STL file required for CAD/CAM applications.

Rapid Reconstruction Time

RAYScan PreMiere enables clinicians to deliver exceptional patient care through lightning-fast image reconstruction. Review and consult CT scans in only 22 seconds, ensuring shorter waiting times for patients and prompt, efficient treatment planning.

High-Resolution Imaging for Accurate Diagnosis

Experience exceptional image clarity and customizable scan volumes with RAYScan Premiere. Tailor your scans to meet your specific clinical needs, ensuring you capture every intricate detail and unleash boundless possibilities.