Medit i900 Scanner Package

By Medit


Discover what makes the Medit i900 the best in its class.

Experience superior scanning technology 
with the new Medit i900. Featuring: 

  • faster, smoother scanning
  • easier handling
  • improved scan accuracy

Our next-level tech gives you more precision and control while the sleek design provides ultimate comfort and ease of use. Plus, with our unparalleled support and no hidden fees, the i900 helps you focus on delivering outstanding patient care.


Real-time haptic and light feedback, 360° TouchBand navigation, and customizable command actions via our interactive touch pad. The i900 is our smartest, most accessible scanner yet.


A 10-bit camera, wider FOV, and our 3rd Generation Optical Engine give you outstanding scan accuracy and resolution, along with errorless metal and edentulous scanning.


The i900 is smaller, lighter, and symmetrically-designed so you can scan from any position with absolute comfort.


Jointless unibody design eliminates bio-hazard concerns, and a light, 
flexible cable provides more freedom of movement. Your i900 also comes with a preconfigured laptop, reducing service issues and ensuring optimal scanner performance.

Download the Medit i900 Brochure Here

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