Rayscan Studio 3D CBCT Dental X-Ray

By Rayscan

Device Type Cone Beam CT, Panoramic, Cephalometric, Object Scan (CT Impression)*, 3D Face Scan*
Patient Positioning Standing (Wheelchair accessible)
Tube Voltage 60~90kVp
Tube Current 4~17mA
Focal Spot 0.5
CBCT FOV Size Max. 20x20cm
Voxel Size 70~300μm
Scan Time 4.9~16sec
Fast Scan Mode Yes
Object Scan Support* Yes (CT Impression and model scan)
3D Face Scan Support* Yes
Panoramic Image Size Max 12cm (H)
Panoramic Scan Time Max 14sec
Free FOV Support Yes
Cephalometric Option Type None, SC, OCL, OCS
  • 3D Virtual Patient
  • Free FOV 
  • 20X20 FOV
  • Smile Design
  • Outstanding Image Quality
  • Digital Facebow


Rayscan Studio is the outcome of our challenges for decades. It is created with the power to scan and manage all patient information for diagnostics and treatments in dental clinics for the future of digital dentistry. This new CBCT will give fundamental insight into the patients' diagnosis by creating a 3D Virtual Patient and provides tools for predictable, safe, and patient-friendly treatment planning. Once you have your own 3D Virtual Patient, there is no limit in full digital analysis.

A photo showing the specifications of the Rayscan Studio CBCT and 3D face scan


We've been dreaming of a unique CBCT which integrates CBCT, 3D Face and CT impression (intraoral data) scans into one perfect piece for effective and predictable treatment planning and production of pre-planned dental appliances. We have also prepared that the data scanned from the CBCT so it can be transferred to a 3D printing system for rapid production of dental appliances in your clinic in order to deliver the best quality patient care at the most suitable price and time.

An x-ray of a person's head and jaw comparing the Rayscan Studio's 2D and 3D imaging


Rayscan Studio, the 5-in-1 system, is used for different purposes. Market-proven high-quality images of 2D Panoramic/2D Cephalometric scans are provided while 3D CBCT can be used for the conventional CT diagnosis, 3D cephalometric analysis, and more. By superimposing all 3D scan data, you will open a new chapter in treatment planning.

A superimposed photo of several scans using the Rayscan Studio CBCT resulting in a 3D virtual patient image


Rayscan Studio is designed to scan and put together all patient information (impression, CBCT, and 3D Face scan) in one system. There is no need to have an intraoral scanner, a face scanner, or a CT separately. You can avoid complications which would occur when combining scan data acquired from different systems. Superimposition of all 3D scan data and creation of 3D Virtual Patient becomes easier and more precise when you have this 5-in-1 CBCT.

An x-ray of a man's jaw next to a photo of the patient smiling and showing their teeth



  • Initial Analysis: Create virtual patient using CBCT, facial scan & model 
  • Facial Analysis: Analyze facial pattern & identify current problems with CT based cephalometric 
  • Digital mounting & EZ wax-up: Decide index teeth for digital wax-up & mounting 


Implant design allows for accurate planning and analysis for faster, easier, and smarter implant surgery. 


FACE GIDE provides accurate bone and tissue analysis, allowing precision planning for safe, predictable, and high-quality orthognathic surgery. Once the surgical plan is confirmed, a SAW-GUIDE and FACE-PLATE are provided to facilitate precise orthognathic surgery within a short time. These will minimize risks and post-operative complications.

A photo of a patient using the digital tray on the Rayscan Studio and the resulting images


The unique tray is specially designed for accurate digitalization of patient dentition information. Its radiopaque material and structure are easily distinguishable in x-ray CT. Not only does it capture negative imprint of hard teeth/soft tissues but also provides positioning information in the patient's mouth.