Roland DWX-52D Plus - 5-Axis Dry Milling Machine

By Roland


The Industry’s Best Dental Mill Just Got Better

The DWX-52D Plus has an all-new redesigned, upgraded spindle with 1.9x the gripping power for increased milling efficiency, expanded tool and material capabilities, and Intelligent Tool Control (ITC) efficiency.

  • Precision 5-axis milling of zirconia, wax, PMMA, composite resin, glass fiber reinforced resin, pre-sintered chromium cobalt, and more
  • 15-station Automatic Tool Control and Intelligent Tool Control for uninterrupted milling operation
  • DGSHAPE’s proprietary VPanel and DGSHAPE CLOUD software are an added value with purchase and enable on-site and remote monitoring of DWX devices


    DGSHAPE Dental Solutions make it incredibly easy to produce high quality, accurate, cost-effective dental restorations. Whether you’re just getting into digital dentistry and CAD/CAM dental milling or expanding your current restoration production, DGSHAPE has a choice of machines, workflows and accessories to simplify CAD/CAM production.

    5-Axis Milling

    A smooth and steady ball screw-driven system produces exceptional results. The DWX-52D Plus simultaneously rotates and tilts discs for deep undercuts— milling large arch restorations and other full-mouth prosthetics with ease.

    Efficient Milling Set-Up

    A new Snap-In Clamp System for disc changing includes six material adapters and offers a fast and secure set-up—eliminating mounting errors and minimizing damage during disc insertion. With the Snap-In Clamp System, reinserted material adaptors keep discs indexed to their original position for production that requires secondary milling or two-stage processing. In addition, the DWX-52D Plus features built-in storage drawers and an included disc adapter rack to ensure a highly organized and efficient workspace.