Asiga MAX UV 3D Printer




The Asiga MAX is the world's most advanced digital dental 3D printer offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint. With 62µm HD print precision, the Asiga MAX is optimized for orthodontics, crown & bridge, surgical guides, dental models, custom trays, and partial dentures in lab and clinical environments. All Asiga printers are open to materials from any supplier for maximum flexibility and economy. 

Supported by Asiga's:

• Lifetime technical support guarantee
• Wifi connectivity
• Automated support generation
• Touchscreen interface
• Proven manufacturing reliability

12 Months Manufacturer Warranty, Asiga Flash Post Curing Chamber, 1KG Asiga material bottle of your choice, 1L MAX Build Tray, Asiga Composer Software, All Future Updates and Firmware Included, Calibration Tool Kit for 3d Printer, Power and Network Cables, Online Access to Asiga Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support


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