Laser Aligner Cutter (LAC) Separator


Aligner Separation Made Easy

Thermoformed clear aligners can be difficult to separate from the model. With the LAC Separator, in just a few steps you can lift clear aligners from the model conveniently and non-destructively... in less than 20 seconds!

Adapter rings are available in different sizes depending on the thermoforming unit and manufacturer. Request more info so we can help find the appropriate one for your device.

Why choose the LAC Separator?

With the LAC Separator, you get a safe and easy separation of aligner foil and model... in under 20 seconds.

No compressed air or electricity required... simply follow the steps and separate!

Superior Manufacturing for High Quality Results

Trust Austrian manufacturing for a safe and efficient separation process.

The LAC Separator works with any model and is compatible with all major thermoforming systems.

See the LAC System in Action

β€œAll you have to do is remove the finished aligner - every minute.”