LuxCreo iLuxWash Dental

By LuxCreo


LuxCreo iLuxWash Dental is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The iLuxWash Dental from LuxCreo is part of the fully-automatic cleaning process for direct aligner & appliance workflow printing.

The iLuxWash Dental features a magnetic-driven impeller stirring function to enhance the ultrasonic cleaning process. This rapidly agitates the cleaning solution during ultrasonic cleaning while also featuring a heating function, making it more effective in removing residual resin from printed parts.

To deliver the best possible user-experience, this fully-automatic intelligent operating system allows for unattended and automatic operations. This helps prevent distortion issues that may arise from over-soaking printed parts.

LuxCreo Direct Aligner & Dental Appliance 3D Printing

Accurate, same-day clear aligners onsite.

Reduce labor, overhead, and lead time compared to traditional thermoforming. Discover high-throughput chair side 3D printing.

First FDA cleared 510 (k) Class II direct print aligner workflow.

Easy one click steps with automated setups and application specific workflows that maximize efficiency​.

See the LuxCreo iLux Dental Digital Workflow

A high throughput, small footprint, heated, chairside DLP printer with 50-micron pixel resolution powered by LEAP™ technology. A single iLux Pro Dental is capable of printing up to 175 models horizontally or up to 64 direct aligners in an 8-hour shift.