Otoflash Curing Unit G171-6 w/ Protective Gas Port(Nitrogen)

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Flash-curing device for rapid and reliable curing of light curable resins for use with Nitrogen


Size of the polymerisation space: 120 x 120 x 50 mm
1x holding tray for the curable items, type 360N2, light transmission 360-950 nm (= tray with UV-B block)
1x holding tray for the curable items, type 280N2, light transmission 280-950 nm (= tray without UV-B block)
Protective gas appliance/port: N2
Rated voltage: 100, 115, 230 Volts AC (adjustable by a selector)
Rated frequency: 50/ 60 Hz
Power input: app. 250 Watts
Spectral distribution: 230-950 nm, maximum between 400 and 500 nm
Flash-module: 2 flash-light bulbs, arranged below the device à 100 Watts *)
Dissipated power: approx. 200 Watts
Flash frequency: 10 flashes per second
Digital timer: programmable from 1 to 9,999 flashes
Measurements: LHW 310 x 310 x 140 mm
Weight: approx. 7 kg

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