SprintRay APEX Base

SprintRay APEX Base is a nanoceramic, biocompatible, FDA-cleared Class II resin designed for 3D printing removable denture bases. It leverages biomaterial innovation to elevate the 3D fabrication and repair of full and partial removable dentures and baseplates. Powered by proprietary NanoFusion™ technology and surpassing ISO high-impact standards, APEX Base is infused with the optimal amount of ceramic, excelling in fracture and wear resistance, outperforming competitor 3D printing and milled materials on multiple fronts. APEX Base features improved translucency for competitively aesthetic 3D printed dentures. Part of a fully integrated SprintRay digital workflow featuring on-demand, customized denture design services and an industry-leading 3D printing ecosystem.

Available in shades: Light Pink, Original Pink, Opaque Original Pink, Dark Reddish Pink

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