SprintRay NightGuard Flex



Nightguard Flex 2 now available! Click here to try out the latest and greatest nightguard material from SprintRay. 

NightGuard Flex was formulated from the ground-up to create the fastest, most comfortable 3D printed occlusal guard in dentistry. Featuring high impact strength and flexure at body temperature, your patients will love the comfort and longevity. Achieve superior fit and finish with a guard that is easy to polish and clean. Plus, NightGuard Flex is flavorless, ensuring smooth delivery.

Designed to work in tandem with SprintRay Cloud Design and Pro 3D printing systems, this  biocompatible* material creates efficiencies across your fabrication ecosystem. Faster printing speeds and improved dimensional stability while printing mean you save time and resin.

With NightGuard Flex, SprintRay is delivering on the frictionless occlusal guard workflow - from scan, to design, to printing and placement, protecting more smiles and delighting more patients.

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