SprintRay Pro S Arch Kit Platform + Tank Bundle - SHIPPING 2nd WEEK OF DECEMBER

The SprintRay Arch Kit Bundle is a compact build platform and resin tank for use on the ProS series printers and provides up to 2X faster prints on all full arch applications such as models, night guards, surgical guides, full arch hybrids, and dentures.



  • Arch Kit Build Platform featuring hard anodized aluminum for added durability and a powerful built-in heater. 4.1”x2.3” print area  can fit up to 2 full arches. SRI-0503030
  • Arch Kit Resin tank. Features proprietary Optical Polish technology, enabling users to 3D print appliances with a pre-polished surface, reducing post-processing time. Tank has a 125mL capacity for efficient resin usage and rapid heat transfer. SRI-0503031


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