Tekscan T-Scan Novus Core

By Tekscan

The T-Scan Novus is an objective assessment tool used to evaluate the occlusion of a patient.

This system includes the ergonomic handpiece, small & large sensors and small & large sensor supports. The proprietary T-Scan software is designed to save time and describe more dynamics going on with the bite across both dentitions.

Matched together, the T-Scan sensor and software can provide a proactive level of care by providing visual, actionable data that is unattainable by any other means.

  • T-Scan Novus Core is best suited for single, general dentistry practices. For comprehensive procedures, or practices with multiple operatories, consider the Tekscan T-Scan Novus - the full suite of occlusal analysis capabilities for advanced practices.
  • As practices change, a seamless upgrade to T-Scan Novus is always possible.

Why T-Scan?

Unlike articulating paper, which can only determine location, T-Scan Novus can identify both force and timing, two of the most fundamental parameters for measuring occlusion.

By providing precise, actionable data, you have the ability to diagnose and treat occlusion accurately and with confidence... with data unattainable by any other method.

Fosters Communication

Leveraging the visual data from your T-Scan, this system can help foster communication between you, your patients and staff for a more informed, proactive level of care.

Actionable Data

Precise, actionable data gives you more confidence in all your treatments and improves patient outcomes.

The T-Scan Novus provides occlusal data that is unattainable by any other means. This enables more effective treatments and results in a multitude of dental and specialty procedures.

Scans from the T-Scan Novus can be integrated with digital impressions and biometric data.

Assists in a Wide Variety of Dental Applications

T-Scan Novus Core is best suited for single dental practices seeking an actionable tool to provide better care for their patients.

T-Scan Novus Core applications Include:
- Initial comprehensive examinations
- Crowns & bridges
- Occlusal adjustment
- Hygiene
- Splint adjustments
- Denture fitting

Improve Outcomes, Increase Case Acceptance, Add Revenue

Free up your chair for new patients and additional revenue by reducing remakes and unpaid visits.

The T-Scan Novus Core aids dental practice in case acceptance and revenue by educating patients on overall dental health issues, diagnosing limitations, both functional and esthetic.